March 22nd Photography Portfolio


March 22ndas things fall apart





Artist Statement:

Photographically, the images in the series March 22nd were all created with a technique that incorporates intentionally moving the camera during exposures that are long enough to allow for objects and colors to: blend, blur, streak, soften, and sometimes even create completely unique effects. Known as intentional camera movement (ICM), or photo-impressionism, there is a truly infinite combination of subjects, exposure times, light effects, colors, and differing types of camera motions. Some ICM photographs incorporate multiple images and a range of complex Photoshop treatments. These photographs do not; they are all singular images, with only normal editing adjustments.

March 22nd represents, as Pema Chodron might put it, a day When Things Fall Apart. Since I was very young, I have always felt at home in the forests. So, that March, as things were falling apart, I sought my refuge in Eldorado National Forest. This series was my personal photographic journal of my journey through the daylight hours of March 22, 2014. Shooting that day was simply one of the tools that kept me anchored to the present, as the world around fell apart and reassembled itself in cycles. For a day, I lost myself in “letting there be room for all this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” (When Things Fall Apart, Chodron) And in that connection with my own bareness, the grace and depth of the world around me, and artistic creation, this series came into being.

See the entire March 22nd series here.


About Me

I am a life long lover of photography, and all things outdoor. My outdoor addiction began in the woods of Ohio. I grew up taking bathes in a plastic tub, under the trickle from a 5 gallon jug flowing from the picnic table over my head. Ever since then forests and streams have been my sanctuary. 

Aside from photography, I have a deep passion for educational equity and have spent a great deal of time in elementary education: teaching, working with teachers, in administration, and supporting the growth of literacy leadership teams. I look forward to balancing a half time position working with a local Oakland school, with continuing my artistic path. 

 I welcome comments, questions, and commission requests. I can be reached at